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PSYC 381: Principles of Statistics & Experimental Design

PSYC 381 course research guide

Put Together Your Writing Assignment


1. Introduction: a review of the literature that you used to build your research questions about the relationships between your variables. Your Introduction should:

  • Bring together theories and results from your articles to describe the relationships between your variables and why your statistical analyses are important.

2. Methods: provides detailed information about your research study design. Your Methods section should include:

  • include the statistical analyses that you ran, including descriptive statistics such as the mean and the median, and well as the Pearson r Correlation
  • your use of SPSS software

3. Results: report the findings of your statistical analyses, written in the past tense, without bias or interpretation. Your Results section should:

  • Focus on being concise and objective
  • Organize your results around tables and graphs that summarize the results of your statistical analyses
  • Include summary text that describes the results in your tables and figures
    • Describe the trends in your data but do not interpret it
  • Organize your key findings in a logical sequence, generally following your Methods section
  • Don't omit relevant findings, even those that don't support your predictions

4. Discussion: interpret and describe the significance of your findings in light of what is already known about the research area you're investigating. Your Discussion shoul:

5. References List: a list of the sources you cited 

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