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OB 510 Organization Behavior

This subject guide supports both parts of the OB 510 research and writing assignment: Annotated bibliography and Research brief.

What are scholarly resources?

Scholarly journals are also referred to as “peer-reviewed”, “academic” or “refereed” journals. The articles:

  • Are written by a subject expert
  • Are aimed at a specific audience
  • Often follow a fixed format that includes an abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion and reference

It is possible to narrow your search to "peer-reviewed" or "scholarly" articles as you begin your search or as a filter after you have submitted your first search statement. For example, in the ABI/INFORM database, I have narrowed my search to just "peer reviewed" articles. (See the sample search below.)

Scholarly books differ from popular books because they:

  • Reflect original research conducted by a subject matter expert
  • Have an extensive list of references
  • Use subject-specific terminology
  • Are published by a university press or scholarly publisher

Scholarly Internet sites do the following:

  • Contain timely information
  • Directly relate to the topic of the Research Brief
  • Are written by a knowledgeable, credentialed source
  • Provide reliable information that holds up to verification
  • Offer an objective, unbiased viewpoint

Use the CRAAP Test Worksheet to evaluate the usefulness of web sites you have found (Source: Meriam Library at California State University Chico).

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