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HHS 101: Intro to Community Health Education

This guide supports HHS 101, which explores the theoretical and practical issues of health education.

What Is Peer-Review?

What is peer-review? Watch this video and find out.

Use the BrowZine tool to find journals in your field

Some of the journals recommended for Community Health Education include: 

  • American Journal of Health Behavior
  • American Journal of Health Education
  • American Journal of Health Promotion
  • American Journal of Public Health
  • Health Education and Behavior
  • Health Promotion International
  • Health Promotion Practice
  • Journal of Community Health

Searching Tips

1. How do I search for my topic?

  • Identify the keywords of your topic and use those as your search words
  • Each article has tags assigned to it, words or shorts phrases that make them searchable - you want your search words to match those tags
  • Words like factors, effects, issues, relationships are usually not used as tags - don't include them as search words

Example: Your topic is: intervention plans for childhood obesity 

 Summon Search: child* obesity "intervention plan" 

  • child* searches for child, children, childhood
  • "intervention plan" searches for intervention plan as a phrase, not separate words

2. How do I focus the search hits to meet my assignment requirements?

  • Use Refine Your Search in Summon to focus your search hits to just peer-reviewed articles
  • Peer-reviewed articles:
    • Click on Peer Review 
    • Under Content Type, click on Journal article
  • Current/Recent articles:
    • Under Publication Date, move the scroll bar over to 2006 to present
  • ​Articles with a Public Health Perspective, and/or Education Perspective
    • Under Discipline, click on Public Health and/or Education

3. I have too many irrelevant search hits. How do I focus them?

  • Add "United States" to your search to focus your search hits to articles about the United States
  • Look through the Subject Terms in the Refine Your Search sidebar and click on the subjects that interest you
  • When you find an article that looks interesting, look at its assigned tags 
    • Add any relevant tags to your search
    • This will also help you develop your research questions and search for articles about your specific research questions 
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