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ANTH 201: Introduction to Archaeology

Research Guide for ANTH 201

Writing Your Site Analysis Paper

Write up what you learned in a 4-5 page (1200-1500 word) report, with complete, consistent, citations (following Chicago, parenthetical in-text citation, author-date style) for all information, especially quotes!

Be sure to address these questions/issues:

  • Background
    • What is the site(s), where is it located, and who is the archaeologist in charge?
    • When was the work done and what did it consist of?
  • What were the main goals or research question(s) being investigated, and what was the conclusion of the project?
    • i.e. what were they trying to do, learn, or find, and what actually happened?
  • What is the broader significance of this work?
    • How are these goals presented as important beyond the site in question?
  • How does the site report differ from, add to, or contradict the peer-reviewed source you selected?
    • Your goal here is to discuss approach, tone, and content, not general differences such as length, formatting, etc.
  • What theoretical approach is taken in the site report (Culture History, Processual, or Post-Processual)?
    • Cite specific evidence from the source and make explicit connections to the assigned readings or lecture in order to make your case.
    • Hint: most reports will not explicitly say something like “I’m using a post-processual approach…”; you’ll have to read between the lines!
  • Discuss how you think this approach (in the site report) might have affected the findings.
    • Specifically, what might the investigation say about its topic if it were conducted under a one of the other two approaches?
  • Mechanical: professional presentation, clear writing, quotes and citations, proofreading, etc.

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