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ENST 485 - Seminar in Environmental Topics

A guide for ENST 485 students researching environmental topics in the library and on the internet.

Searching for Articles Using Research Databases

Because topics in this class can vary widely, I am not listing specific research databases to search for journal, magazine, and newspaper articles.

Tips for finding articles:

  • At the top of each of the pages linked to below, there is a listing of what should be the best databases to try for the subject area.
  • The listing for a specific research database will tell you the name of the database, whether it has full-text articles or just abstracts, whether it is available to you when you are off campus, and a short description.
  • If you have a couple of weeks to a couple of months before your project is due, consider signing up for search alerts or table of contents alerts. Many of the databases have them so you can be notified of the latest research that may be published.

When you find a good article and are trying to find more:

  • Check the article for keywords. There might be synonyms that you can search that might help you find more articles.
  • Look through the article's references list. You should be able to find citations to older, useful articles there.
  • Search databases for more articles by the same author(s). They usually publish many articles about the same, or similar, topic.

Below are subject categories you might want to start with:

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