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Writing Your Paper - CECS and Mathematics

Getting Started on Your Own

  • Quality research takes time. The earlier you select your topic and start your search the more successful you will be!
  • Use the documents at the end of this box to help you decide:
    • What steps do you need to make sure you complete?
    • Which type of resource will be most beneficial to you right now?
    • What search terms should you use? 
    • How can you use limiters to get only the results you can use?
    • Is the resource you have found a good source of information?
  • Begin your research using the library's webpage: or use the search box below. Limit your search to just the type of materials you want to see using the drop down menu on the right side (or just leave it set to "everything" to get an overwhelming idea of all the things that you can access from here). Use the advanced search once you have a good idea of the information available on your topic to limit the results to those which will best fit your particular need.
  • Use the tabs in the Side Navigation Bar to see some materials and resources that I thought would be valuable for your field.
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