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FNDS 1302: Art, Power, and Persuasion

Recommended Readings and Research Materials

Below is a list of recommended reading and research provided by Dr. Ng to use as a starting point for your own research and final project. As there are over 60 books on the list below you are not expected to read all of them. If the title and focus of the reading intrigues you, either start reading it online now or make an appointment with the library to check it out. To begin your research with a book, look at the table of contexts/index at the beginning to get a sense of what will be covered in the book. You're welcome to read through the whole thing if you'd like, but what may be more helpful for time management is to select the chapters that interest you most based on the index and start with them to take a deeper dive into the subject.

After reading through a few chapters in some of these books you may have a better sense of what it is you'd like to do for your final project. Go to the Start Your Research tab on the left to learn more about how to begin researching articles about your topic of interest. Your librarian, Annie Dempsey, is also here to help! For more help with research for your chosen topic contact her at

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