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Graduate Writing Workshop Tools

Graduate Writing Workshop,Summer 2021

Articles - How do I publish my work?

Select articles on publishing

Rich, Timothy S. "Publishing as a Graduate Student: A Quick and (Hopefully) Painless Guide to Establishing Yourself as a Scholar." PS, Political Science & Politics 46.2 (2013): 376-9. 

Badenhorst, Cecile; Xu, Xiaolin. 2016. "Academic Publishing: Making the Implicit Explicit" Publications 4, no. 3: 24. 

Taylor, Zachary W. "The Hunter Became the Hunted: A Graduate Student’s Experiences with Predatory Publishing.Publishing Research Quarterly 35.1 (2019): 122-37. 

Collins, J. C. 2015. “Writer's Forum—Writing for Publication While in Graduate School: An Accessible Reality.” New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development 27 (1):51–5. 

Journals suggestions for submitting your writing

Below are some suggested journal publications to submit your research and writing. 

Always check with your program, they may have selected titles for submitting your work

Journal of Student Research - Journal of Student Research (JSR) is an Academic, Multidisciplinary, and Faculty-reviewed Journal (Houston, Texas) devoted to the rapid dissemination of current research published by high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.(website).

Inquiries  - Inquiries Journal is an open-access, multidisciplinary student journal focused on presenting student scholarship in the social sciences, arts, and humanities

Open Access A-Z - Open Access Initiative is committed to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community without restricting the access of published content. This publisher hosts over 700+ leading-edge peer reviewed Open Access Journals and organizes over 3000 International Conferences all over the world (website).


Professional Writing

What other types of professional writing should the graduate student be familiar with? The following links will help:

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