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COMM/COMP/WGST 466: Arguing Feminism

Citation Styles

Whenever you use someone’s words or ideas to support your own writing assignment, you need to give credit back to the original source. In composition courses we do this with citations. The sources below will outline how to properly cite sources to give credit where credit is due. Remember, anytime you directly quote or paraphrase someone else's words or ideas you need to cite them.

There are many different types of citation styles. Double check your course assignments and syllabus to see which one of the following are preferred for this course!

Most common citation styles:

APA Style 7th edition Citations (References and In-Text Citations)

If you are new to citations, this brief video will cover an introduction to in-text citations and reference lists in APA 7th edition. Scroll down for more recommended resources about citations.

More information including examples and sample papers can be found at the recommended websites below: 

Chicago Manual of Style Citation

Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition) is a great resource for citing information. You'll find Chapter 14: Notes and Bibliography especially useful for creating citations! Owl Purdue also provides a great guide for the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition.

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