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PSYC 300: Life-Span Developmental Psychology (Yoon)

Research Guide for Dr. Yoon's sections of the PSYC 300 course

Writing Your Journal Article Analysis

Analysis Guidelines

  • Papers should be typed in size 12 Times New Roman font, have 1" margins, be double spaced, be 3-5 pages in length, and have appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Use APA Style for your in-text citations and References list


1. Summary of the Article: what is the key information from your article?

  • Key points of the research: background, methods, results, and discussion sections
  • What was the main idea of the article?
  • Why did the researchers perform the study?
  • What were the hypotheses?
  • Who were the participants?
  • What methods were used?
  • Did the results support the hypotheses?

2. Connection to Course: how does your article connect to your textbook topic?

  • Refer to one topic/concept in the textbook and discuss how your article relates to the material in the text
  • Thoroughly explain the topic in the book
  • Does your article support what is in the textbook? How do the results contribute to what is in the textbook?

3. Conclusion: what is your (informed) opinion of the article?

  • Restate your research question from the introduction in different words
  • Briefly summarize your research results and main points or arguments and pull them together to answer your main research question
  • End with a strong, final statement that ties the whole research paper together and makes it clear the paper has come to an end
  • No new ideas should be introduced in the conclusion, it should only review and analyze the research results and main points from the body of the paper (with the exception of suggestions for further research)

4. References list: a list of the sources you cited 

  • Cite your sources in APA Style
  • Format your References list in APA Style

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