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PSYC 465 (Dolins): Experimental Psychology

Research Guide for Dr. Dolins' section of the PSYC 465 course

Write Your Research Proposal


1. Title / Abstract / Introduction & Literature Review / Hypothesis & Research Questions

  • Abstract: a summary of your project proposal, including:
    • the overall purpose of the study and research problem(s) you will investigate
    • the basic design and methods of the study
  • Introduction and Literature Review: a review of the literature that you used to build your research study hypothesis. Your Introduction should:
    • Be more than a summary of the articles you read
    • Bring together theories and results from a number of studies to provide background for your project and demonstrate how your research study hypothesis fits into this current research area
    • Be a compelling narrative about how the articles you've read have built up to your research questions and study and make the case for why your research questions and study are important
  • Hypothesis and Research Questions with explanation

2. Methods: provides detailed information about your research study design. Your Methods section should include:

  • the study populations, including the number/sex of participants, and subject recruitment procedures
  • Your independent and dependent variables
  • the experimental design of your study, i.e. within or between groups design, and why it's appropriate for your research area
  • the procedures your research design will follow
  • refer to stimuli in appendices

3. Proposed Statistical Tests

  • Explanations for what statistical tests you will use and why they're appropriate for your research area

4. IRB Section 

  • Costs to participants and costs to society
  • Benefits to participants and benefits to society
  • Overall cost-benefit analysis; refer to Consent and Briefing forms in Appendices

5. References List: a list of the sources you cited in APA Style (not your annotated bibliography)

6. Appendices:

  • all research/presentation/testing materials to be presented to participants
  • Consent and Debriefing forms

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