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Tips for the four to five minute speech

Tips for the four or five minute speech

  •  Prepare, prepare, and prepare your speech!  It does not matter if you are reading it on paper, using PowerPoint, Prezi, or speaking from memory.  The more your practice, the easier it will be to speak in front of an audience.
  • Practice your speech out loud:     

Are you speaking too LOUD?  Too soft?   

Is the speed of your talk toofast?  Too sloooowwww?

Too much “filler” e.g. “um’s” and  “ah’s? ”   Using “filler” words  will  appear as if you haven’t prepared very well.  Even if you temporarily forget what to say next, just pause, gather your thoughts, and proceed.  A brief silence is better than “umming” and “ahhing”, or apologizing to the audience (“I’m sorry I forgot..”)!

  •  Time your speech.  You will be amazed at how fast four to five  minutes can go! Or, if you think you are talking a lot, but only have been for two minutes!


  •  Relax.  Pause briefly (about three seconds) before you begin,  address the audience, and begin your speech.

Finally, bask in the applause - it’s over, job well done!



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