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WGST/ANTH/COMM/SOC 481/581: Gender & Globalization

Research Guide for Gender & Globalization Course

Writing Abstracts

Once you have done some research and have a context for your blog post, write an abstract that outlines, in a short paragraph, the focus of your blog, the debates or literatures you are engaging, the method/analytical approach of your blog post (media analysis, postcolonial feminist, etc.).  To help you structure your abstract, your abstract should consist of 3 parts:

  • What You're Studying: start with a statement about your blog topic which includes background contextualizing your topic
  • So What?: demonstrate why your blog topic is important and why your reader should care
  • Game Plan: outline the main points of your blog and how you will address them

For more writing help, contact the Writing Center and make an online appointment to meet with one of their consultants.

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