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CRJ 200: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Research Guide for CRJ 200

Access Library Resources Online

Trying to access library resources online? Follow the instructions on the Online Access to Library Resources page to access library databases, articles, and ebooks, both on-campus and off-campus.

Mardigian Search (searches all the library's databases at once)

Advanced Search

Search FAQs

1. How do I search for sources about my thesis statement?

  • Identify the keywords of your thesis statement and use those as your search words
  • Each article has tags assigned to it, words or shorts phrases that make them searchable - you want your search words to match those tags
  • Words like causes, effects, issues, outcomes, relationships are usually not used as tags - don't include them as search words

Example: The thesis statement for your mid-term paper is: Evidence that youth incarcerated in adult prisons face many negative outcomes indicates that young offenders should not be transferred to adult prison.

  • Search: youth adult prison* 
    • Add an * to the end of a word stem to search for all words that begin with that word stem
      • prison* will search for prison and prison

2. How do I focus the search hits to academic sources?

  •  Use Refine Your Search options to focus your search hits
  • Academic (peer-reviewed) articles:
    • Click on Peer Review 
    • Click on Journal article under Content Type
  • Books/ebooks/Book Chapters:
    • Click on Book / ebook under Content Type
    • Click on Book Chapter under Content Type

3. I have too many irrelevant search hits. How do I focus them?

  • Current/Recent articles:
    • Under Publication Date, move the scroll bar over to 2000 to present
  • ​Articles with a Criminal Justice or Penal System perspective
    • Example: under Discipline. click on criminology & penology
  • ​Look through the Subject Terms in the Refine Your Search sidebar
    • Click on the subjects that interest you then scroll up and press Apply

​​4. What if I get a Taylor & Francis article that won't open from Summon?

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