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Editorial Help for your Dissertation or Thesis

Writing a dissertation or thesis? Many students seek an editor, an outside set of eyes that can help with strategy, style and formatting. These are popular resources. Compare prices and services. They have no association with the University of Michiga

University Dissertation and Thesis Guidelines and Procedures

University of Michigan-Dearborn Dissertation Guidelines and Procedures:

University of Michigan-Dearborn Thesis Guidelines and Procedures:


No endorsement is implied by the maintenance of this list, nor are authors restricted to employ the typists whose names appear here. However, any typist hired is expected to follow the university's formatting guidelines. These editors have no relationship to the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Students are responsible for their own work and choice of editor.

A competent typist or transcriptionist has up-to-date equipment in good repair and is at least as concerned as the author that the university's specifications for the dissertation or thesis are reflected in the typed copy. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the contractor has been given complete and precise instructions, including all information necessary to complete the work (e.g.,. the style manual that the author must follow for their discipline. It is expected that there will be ongoing communication between the student and typist throughout the process. The student is responsible for approving and proofreading the work prior to turning it in to the Office of Graduate Studies.

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Connie Beard (970) 351-7567
MarLene Nelson (623) 972-1667
Judieth Hillman (970) 353-1589 
cell (970) 381-8116
Lorae Blum (970) 356-7720
Jeff Walthall (970) 352-2269
Beckie Croissant office  (970) 351-2774
cell  (970) 301-7443
Karen Plastow (970) 371-8007
Tim Halliday Cell (719) 661-5319
Toni Tassone office (970) 351-3899
home (970) 371-5592
Becky Hendren (706) 248-9315
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