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PSYC 498: Honors Seminar

Research Guide for Honors Seminar

Write Your Research Proposal


1. Introduction: a review of the literature that you used to build your hypothesis, as well as a compelling narrative about the research trails you followed, how they relate to your study, and why your research study is original and important. Your introduction should:

  • Briefly describe what you will study
  • Cite the previous research which you used to build your proposed study 
  • Make the case for why your study is unique and important.
  • End with your study hypothesis

2. Methods: provides detailed information about your research study design. Your Methods section should include:

  • The experimental design of your study and why it's appropriate for your research area
  • Study populations and subject recruitment procedures
  • The procedures your research design follows. including proposed data collection materials/measures and why you selected them
  • A description of the demographic and historical information which will be collected and the the specific scale or measurement techniques used for this data collection
  • Your data analysis plan 

3. References List: a list of the sources you cited 

  • Cite your sources in APA Style 
  • Format your References list in APA Style
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