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PSYC 463/563: Sensation & Perception

Research Guide for PSYC 463/563

Analyzing journal articles to find key information

Use the scholarly articles you select to build your own informed opinions and arguments.

When you're reading scholarly articles for your assignments, look for key information like:

  • What is the main hypothesis? 
  • Why is this research important?
  • Did the researchers use appropriate measures and procedures? How did they choose them?
  • What are the study's independent and dependent variables?
  • What were the key research findings?
  • Is the evidence falsifiable?
  • Does the evidence (data) support the authors' conclusions?
  • How do the arguments in this article affect what you think about your research topic or question?

Try out the post How to Read and Get the Most out of a Journal Articles, by the Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS), which describes the Three Pass Approach to reading and understanding Psychology journal articles. 

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