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BIOL 360 - Population Genetics & Evolution

Journal Article Databases

The library's search tool is great for finding a lot of items, but sometimes it doesn't show everything that can be found in individual databases. The library subscribes to many journal databases that you will find useful for finding your articles:

  • Academic Search Complete - A comprehensive, multi-disciplinary resource of scholarly STEM, social science, and humanities research.
  • Nature Portfolio (formerly called Nature Journals Online) - Access to Nature and its sister publications such as Heredity, Journal of Human Genetics, Nature Ecology & Evolution, Nature Genetics.
  • ScienceDirect - more than 2,650 journals covering science, medicine, technology, and engineering as well as social sciences.
  • SpringerLink - full-text access to journals published by Springer that cover biomedicine, life sciences, and other sciences as well as computer science and humanities. [NOTE: You must use VPN to connect to SpringerLink when off campus; see instructions on the ITS website.]
  • Taylor & Francis - contains journals published by Taylor & Francis and includes journals in the sciences, behavioral sciences, medicine, technology, humanities, and social sciences.
  • Wiley Online Library - access to more than 1,600 journals published by Wiley that cover life sciences, health, physical sciences, social science, and humanities. [NOTE: You must use VPN to connect to Wiley Online Library when off campus; see instructions on the ITS website.]

ScienceDirect video tutorial

The video here is specific to ScienceDirect. The interface of other journal databases is similar. Note: A library password/PIN is no longer required.
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