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History 300 - The Study of History

Secondary Source


Most of these databases search scholarly journal articles. You can use basic keyword searches, or try advanced searching to use different combinations of search terms to produce different results. Be mindful that some of the results will be book reviews. While book reviews are very helpful and can direct you to potentially relevant book, a review in itself is not a scholarly source.

America: History and Life with Full Text  

Historical Abstracts with Full Text  


ProQuest Research Library  



Look through some reference books and secondary sources to get a sense of the scope of topics available. Be sure to pay attention to indexes, tables of contents, and chapter headings. These can be great places to derive keywords and refine searches. This is just a small sampling of the books available to you through our library. To search directly for more books, click HERE.


The Mardigian Library has access to hundreds of thousands of electronic books and journals. Searching Summon through the ML website searches through everything at once. This can be overwhelming, but it is easy to qualify your search using the left menu or advanced searching. The links in this box provide a few examples of the types of resources that can be found in our catalog. 
A few Journals that might be helpful as well:
Journal of American History

Reviews in American History

These are only two of the thousands of journals that could contain useful and relevant content. To search more journals, click HERE.


Happy searching.

To search for relevant secondary sources, please use the Mardigian Library catalog. The primary searching tool, Summon, may initially return too many results to be useful, so sometimes it is best to focus your search to books or journals. These links direct you to searches specifically for books or journals.

To search directly for books, click HERE.

To Search Journals, click HERE.

Mardigian Library Catalog:
The catalog for the U of M Dearborn Library. From this page you can do a Summon search of everything we have to offer, or choose to search directly for e-books, databases, or scholarly journals.


​This allows students to search U of M Ann Arbor's Catalog. They have special collections and many magazines and professional journals from the 1930's that can be  great primary sources. Some are digitized, but many will require a trip the the specific library.

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