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CRJ/SOC 350: March Madness Book Bracket!!!! (Price)

Print books and ebooks for the March Madness Book Bracket in Dr. Price's section of the SOC 350 course

March Madness Book Bracket!!!!

You will select a book related to this course and then read in its entirety. You should select a book that you are excited to read, one that is related to your career interests, and/ or one that will provide you with credit toward a certificate program.

UM-Dearborn Library already has many of the pre-approved books in print format and/or ebook format. Find info about each pre-approved book and how to access them through the library on the Print Books page and the E-Books page. 

After reading the book then you will create a short presentation to pitch your book for the book bracket competition. We will have a book tournament (modeled after the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament) and the winner will receive a choice of prizes (examples include, extra points on this assignment or a “skip pass” to use on one essay on the final exam or on one reading assignment). We will vote as a class on the winners of each round.

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