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Style & Storage Guide

Best practices, standards, styles, and design patterns for creating Subject Guides.

Introduction to the Style & Storage Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide the creators of subject guides with globally used assets, conventions, and design patterns. 

Navigating the Style & Storage Guide

BOXES: Go here to browse available boxes

BEST PRACTICES FOR GUIDE CREATION: Ideas to help build and curate your content

PROFILE BOX STYLING: Go here for ways to style your profile box

DESIGN ELEMENTS: Branding elements

How to Use Existing Boxes in Your Guides

When designing your guides, feel free to use the boxes housed in this style guide. These boxes will be mapped and uneditable. 

1. Add Box:

2. Click on "Reuse Existing Box":

3. Choose "Style & Storage Guide" from the Guide dropdown:


4. Choose which Box you'd like to reuse from the Box dropdown:

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