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COMP 270: Technical Writing for Engineers

This Guide

Hi my name is Amy Seipke and I am your Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics Librarian.

That means supporting your research IS my job. If you need any help at any step in your research process please feel free to reach out to me for help.

As of right now, I am working both in-person and remotely. So if you are in the library stop by the LRC (Library Research Center) and see if I am available to help (If I'm not, any of my wonderful colleagues can also direct you on your research journey.) If you are remote or need some in-depth help please set up an appointment for a Zoom meeting with me by clicking the "Email Me" button under my photo and letting me know some times when you are available. 

This guide is meant to give you a general introduction to the library and the resources that will be useful in COMP 270. With this guide you can:

Log-in to Library Resources

  • On campus (Wired Ethernet): If you are on campus using a computer with a wired connection, you will be asked to log in with your uniqname and password and then to use the two-factor authentication.
  • On campus (Wireless Network) or Off Campus: For off-campus or wireless access to library electronic resources you will need to first install and login to the VPN (described below). Then you can click on the link you would like to open which will prompt you to enter your uniqname and password and then use the two-factor authentication. 
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Presentation Slides

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