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COMP 270: Technical Writing for Engineers

Format your Paper and Bibliography

There are many citation styles available to you for technical writing. While it has become the norm to just use the URL as a citation for real-world technical writing, academic citations are still important for your classes. The citation styles below are typically used within the field of engineering and technical writing. Please check your syllabus or ask your instructor to make sure you're using the right one for their assignment. If you're doing a group assignment, make sure everyone is on the same page of what citation style you're using.

Recommended citation styles:

Hyperciting, Hyper-Referencing, and Hyperlinks

Some sections of Tech Writing may require you to hypercite or hyper-reference an online article by only including an active hyperlink. If you are citing public websites such as a government website you typically just need to copy and paste the URL into your citation list or embedded within your paper. If you copy the URL for a public website and share it out everyone would be viewing the same site. However, this is not true for online library resources. If you are citing library resources from our databases you'll need to consult our Off Campus Link Tool. For many of our articles, ebooks, streaming video and other online resources if you copy the URL at the top of the page it will give you an error when you try to access that resource later on. In the majority of our databases you will instead have to find where the stableURL, stable link, permalink, permanent link, or DOI link are provided. All of these different names indicate a way library databases provide stable, long-term access to one of their resources. You will then need to copy and paste that permanent link into the Off Campus Link Tool to make sure that the proper authentication information is added to the link.

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IEEE Citation Format

APA Citation Format

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