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COMP 270: Technical Writing for Engineers

Finding a Professional Code of Ethics

Find the professional organization you are interested in. Use this link if you need help to find an organization.

Search their internet home page to find their code of ethics.

Start with the "About Us" section and then look for words like "ethics", "reporting", "code of conduct", or even "mission and vision" plans will get you moving in the right direction.

One of my professional organizations is ALA. From their home page finding the ethics code is as easy as: clicking on the "About ALA" tab and clicking the word "Policy Manual" and finding the word "Ethics" in the table of contents.

Doing Your Research

Since the information you are looking for is current and specific you will have the most luck finding the information you need in our article databases. The databases that are suggested for conducting research in particular areas can be found in the "Recommended Databases" tab on the left of the screen. 

For information on the particular individual you are looking into you may wish to focus on the databases in the area they were working in at the time of the controversy. You may also want to look for information using the company name as one of your search terms. Another good tactic is using the filters to look for articles which came out only since the time of the incident for which your individual gained notoriety. Use this guide to help you determine the best combinations of words to use in doing database searches.

For historical information on past used of the code of ethics in the organization you are researching you may wish to limit your search to databases maintained by that organization or other organizations which are closely aligned. 

Use this guide to help you narrow your results to the ones that will be most useful for this assignment.

The websites of the individual professional organizations may also prove to be a good place to to find press releases that could be a resources for how ethics violations have been dealt with in the past. 

Our Mardigian Search right on the library's home page may also be a good resource to use for this particular project. It will give you access to other peer-reviewed or scholarly articles from others with similar interested yet outside the direct organization impacted by the particular violations you are looking into.

If you choose to use any news articles or popular journal articles which are not from peer-reviewed journals, be certain to evaluate them for the the quality of their arguments, the bias of their authors, and the authority of the author to write on the topic at hand.

Writing Your Paper

Be sure to follow the directions for your assignment as laid out by your instructor. Refer back to your assignment sheet often to make sure to you do stray from your assignment parameters.

For help with the mechanics of writing your paper visit the Writing CenterThe Writing Center supports UM-Dearborn students by providing one-to-one consultations on writing projects, presentations, assignments, and creative work. 

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