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History 3632: The US in the Middle East


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History 3632: The US in the Middle East

This LibGuide supports History 3632: The US in the Middle East. HIST 3632 will examine the involvement of the US in the Middle East from the late 18th Century to modern times. The relationship between domestic politics and foreign policy (both in the US and in the Middle East) will be examined as US involvement in the Middle East grows from irregular missionary and commercial activity in the 19th century, to the establishment of full diplomatic relations, to the complexities related to the globalization of the oil industry, Cold War interventions and, ultimately, the establishment of US hegemony in the region. Students will examine a number of "case studies" in US-Middle East relations as a platform for their own research into other episodes of American involvement in the Middle East.

The Library has various resources relevant to the course including:

Also included is information about doing research at the Mardigian Library. Please also note my contact information in the profile box and feel free to email me any questions, or to set up an appointment for a more in-depth discussion.

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