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SOC/CRJ 435/535: Urban Sociology

Research Guide for SOC/CRJ 435/535

Finding data, statistics, and reports for your Global City Profile

Most international organizations and databases generally provide only country level data.  Below are good websites for reliable links to statistical sources. Most city data has to come from official government websites of the city or country, or from statistical abstracts and handbooks of the individual country.

START YOUR SEARCH in the journal Citieswhich has a City Profile series and publishes articles on many aspects of urban policy and planning. Search for [your city name] "city profile"; for example, auckland "city profile"

Do a Mardigian Search (on the Start Finding Sources page) for the [name of your city] and look for recent news articles about it (see #4 under Search FAQs).

  • Try searches for the [name of your city] and combine it with specific topics such as urbanization, demographics, crime, housing or transportation.
  • This will search all of the library's databases at once for this specific information about your city, and you can focus your search results to scholarly articles, newspaper articles, and magazine articles about your city.

Go to the library's Global Road Warrior database, a comprehensive cultural, business, and travel database with in-depth coverage of 175 countries.

You will probably also try searching Google to find specific information about your city. That's okay, but make sure you evaluate the reliability of the information and the website closely.

Data and Statistics for Global Cities

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