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CRJ 487/587: Forensic Science

Research Guide for CRJ 487/587 course

Using your sources to build your evidence, arguments, and conclusions

Ask yourself these questions about each of the sources you select to build your own evidence and arguments:

Does your source raise questions you hadn't considered or make claims that shape your thinking? -Integrate these into your answers and arguments to develop and focus them further 

Does your source provide evidence for any of your answers and arguments? -Integrate the relevant evidence or data into your own answers/arguments and explain its significance

Does your source take a position counter to any of your answers and arguments? -Include these sources to strengthen your own answers and arguments by explaining and providing evidence of why you disagree with them

What relationships do you see between your sources? -Integrate the answers, arguments and evidence from your sources together to use them as building blocks for your own answers, arguments and conclusions

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