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Art History 321

A guide to library resources to support Art History 321 and the associated research assignment

Online Resources a trusted online resource on art history, with articles and videos created by art history scholars on different cultures and periods (some have more content than others). References for your own further reading and research are always provided.

British Museum Collection Online: the online portal to artifacts in the collection of the British Museum. Elsewhere at the BM’s website, you can find different information on many cultures.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art:: the online portal to artifacts in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the best collections of ancient art in the world. Elsewhere at the Met’s website, you can find different information on many cultures.

The National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece: This museum houses a vast collection of excavated artifacts and works of art from Greece, in stone sculpture, ceramics, and metalwork (including bronze statuary). The website has nice highlights of objects that you can search, but you'll need to do more research independently from there.

Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece: This museum focuses on the materials excavated from and around the area of the Athenian Acropolis. There are some highlights of artifacts and information about their ongoing research programs, including the study of color and use of new technologies. They are still creating a searchable database of their collections, so that option is not yet available.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA: The MFA has a large and searchable collection of Greek antiquities, ranging from pottery to sculpture, to coins. It is a useful collection for research, similar to the Met in New York.

Getty Center: This page, part of the Getty Research Institute, provides research resources on ancient Greek and Roman art, including searches of the J. Paul Getty Museum’s collections (, open access books, and other information.

Art Institute of Chicago: One of the leading museums in the United States, the Art Institute of Chicago recently published a digital scholarly catalogue of their Roman art collection that can be accessed here:

Archaeological Park of Pompeii: The official site of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii run by the Italian Ministry of Culture, this website has guides to the different sites, houses, and districts of Pompeii, and information on ongoing excavations. There is a lot of information here about the history of the site and current work.

Capitoline Museums: The Capitoline Museums house many collections of Roman art and history. Search their collections, and read about ongoing excavations and other information.

The Louvre Museum curatorial departments: The curatorial departments have selected around 200 major artworks per department for browsing, but you can search the collections for a specific artwork by title, keyword, and/or accession number.

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