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Art History 321

A guide to library resources to support Art History 321 and the associated research assignment

Library Resources

Don't hesitate to browse for actual books as well as online resources!!!

Useful call numbers for books related to Greek art, history, and religion materials
I like to browse in the stacks for books, because often I stumble across a book that I didn’t know
about, or didn’t think to search for. While it’s easy to search online for materials, Mardigian
Library owns many books in its stacks that are actually faster to browse, because you can
actually flip through it, take a quick look at the chapters, discussion, and illustrations to see if
they might be relevant to your topic, and either check it out or put it back—in a matter of a few
minutes! Here are some call numbers (and you should look at the call numbers near it, too) that
you may want to look through. They are on the 3 rd and 4 th floors of the library.
BL 780s-790s: Greek religion and myth
N5760s: Roman Art
N5630s: Greek art
DE, DF, DG, DS: Greek and Roman history

You should also search for more specific areas in the catalog, according to your interests and
your paper topic. Use the guide on How to Start Research for detailed instructions. For example,
you can search for “Greek tragedy” for plays with mythological subject matter to research
iconography, and that would point you to call number PA3131. Or, you can search for “Greek
vases,” which would lead you towards N4620s to N4650s.

Here are a selection of databases that are relevant to this type of research:

Archivision Art Images
Arts and Humanities Citation Index  
Artstor Digital Library  
Bibliography of the History of Art  
Gale eBooks - Arts  

If you find a book with full text online, go ahead and use that! You might also find articles
linked through the Mardigian Library catalog. Evaluate their usefulness based on the guidelines
in the online Library Guide before incorporating into your research. Your paper should draw on
a mix of books and scholarly articles.
Good luck with your research!

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