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COMP 280 - Business Writing

Fall 2022 - Prof. Pamela Todoroff

Organzations and Associations


Find a student business organization to join.  Learn more about your major by meeting other students and sharing your interests!

Below are some selected business/management associations:

Finding an Internship


Gaining professional experience through Internships

"An internship is a short-term job, often unpaid, that gives students and other adults hands-on work experience.

Internships are available in a wide variety of fields in government, private business and non-profit organizations. In general, an internship:

  • Is an agreement between a student (high school, college, or graduate) or adult and an organization or business.
  • Allows a student or emerging professional to gain skills and experience in a short-term, real-world work environment.
  • Can be paid or unpaid.
  • Has to follow certain regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act."  (, retrieved 9/20/21)

Listed below are library databases and other web resources you can use to find internship ads and listings.

Internship and Career Management Center - College of Business

Explore the Internship and Career Management Center for internship and co-op opportunities for COB students.  


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