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ENGL/LING 482/582 History of English

Fall 2023 - Prof. Daniel Davis

Locating Books

If you are just looking for books, you can search directly from the library catalog.  From the  Mardigian Library homepage. locate the:

tab to begin your search.  Search for print book titles, ebook titles or both.

Select English language and Linguistic books

Evaluating a book

                            How To Evaluate a Scholarly Book

There are several steps to consider when evaluating a scholarly book.  You may not be able to apply all of these questions when evaluating a book, but try to use many as you can

The Book:

  • Does it have the depth you require?  
    • Look at the table of contents and the index to confirm the information you require is covered in the book
  • Has the book been reviewed?

Find scholarly book reviews from library sources:

  • Is the information reliable?
  • What perspectives in the book matter given? Or ignored?
  • What was the editorial process?
  • When was it published?  Is the information still relevant?


The Author:

  • Is the author an expert in the field?
  • What work or educational experiences does the author have?
  • Is the author affiliated with an organization or company?
  • Has the author written other publications?
  • What is the author's motivation?

Find author information by "Googling" their name and locate their author's website.  It may be a personal website, or information provide by the publisher of their work(s).  Use library resources, such as Gale Literature: Contemporary Authors or Literature Resource Center.


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