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ENGL/LING 482/582 History of English

Fall 2023 - Prof. Daniel Davis

English & Linguistic Journals

Below are select scholarly linguistic journals.

Find more titles through our Journals page. Browse the journal titles list or browse through the subject list.   You can also type in the name of a title to see if we have it in the library's collection

Locating Articles

Locate an Article

Find articles using the library's article databases.  We have subject specific databases and general databases covering a variety of subjects.

For linguistic articles:

From the Mardigian Library Homepage, locate and click on  the databases tab.:

Go to the Find Databases by Subject section, and select English or  Linguistics (there are overlaps of some databases for both subjects).


Choose any database in the "Recommended Databases" section, or explore the list of additional databases.

Language and Linguistics Databases

Below are some select databases for locating articles and other materials for linguistics.

                MLA Biblilography database            MLA International Bibliography - MLA, a publication of the Modern Language Association, indexes material from journals, books, and dissertations, in the fields of language, literature, linguistics, folklore, and childrens' literature.


                            JSTOR - Journal articles from core scholarly journals in the liberal arts and sciences. Coverage extends from the first issue of journals included to 3 - 5 years before the present.



                            ProQuest Research Library -  Academic and general articles about a broad range of subjects including arts, business, children, education, general interest, health, humanities, international, law, military, multicultural, psychology, sciences, social sciences, and women's interests. Covers 1971 to present.

Science Direct - Contains academic articles in the language and linguistics subject areas

Communications & Mass Media Complete - Coverage of more than 570 journals in the communication and mass media fields, with full-text for more than 450 journals. For significant titles in the field, coverage goes back to their very first issue (as far back as 1915).

Glossary of Linguistic Terms - The SIL Glossary of Linguistic Terms provides information in the form of glossaries and bibliographies designed to support fieldwork and linguistic research.

Evaluate your articles

Is that article scholarly? Peer-reviewed?  Some tips to keep in mind:

1.  The article should be from a credible or known or trusted publication like the Journal of English Linguistics or Linguistics.

2.  The article should be without bias.  The material should not favor one position or the other but rather state facts and possibly multiple positions.

3.  The article should be authored by professionals, experts, and credentialed individuals.  Does the author work in the trade?  Does the author teach in the discipline?  Does the author hold an advanced degree, e.g. Masters' or PhD.?

4.  The article should be researched and verifiable.  Does it show evidence of research and include a bibliography of the author's research? If there is no depth of research can the material be checked for accuracy?  Does the author point to anything that can be checked?

5.  Is the article peer-reviewed?  This type of material is the gold standard for information on a topic.  This is:

  • Research or commentary submitted to a scholarly publication (eg Linguistics)
  • That is then sent to other experts in the discipline to review the material 
  • Checked for accuracy and other criteria matching that publication 
  • If the research meets that publication's standards, it is published and considered a credible resource. 

6.  The article should be current.  Material considered to be current is less than five years old unless you are looking for things for an historical perspective.  Always check with your professor regarding what is considered current in a subject area.

If you need additional assistance, contact your librarian.


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