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OB 510 (Molloy) - Organizational Behavior

Summer 2024 - Prof. Molloy

Accessing Harvard Business Review

For this course, you will need to locate and share an article in the Harvard Business Review from the last three years. We have access to the Harvard Business Review via the Business Source Complete database. 

Once you are in the publication page for the Harvard Business Review, you have several options for finding articles. You can either review entire issues by using the drop-down menu under "all issues and articles" or search for articles using keywords by selecting "search within this publication":


Searching by Keyword

If you decide to search for a specific article using keywords, simply enter the keyword(s) you're using below the journal information that is input for you:

Since your assignment requires that the article you select be from the last three years, you can also limit your search by year. Under "search options," look for "published date." Then, enter your start date of the last three years. You can simply leave end date blank:

Saving your Article

Once you have located an article that you'd like to read and share, you can save the article as a PDF, download it to your Google Drive, or save a permanent link to the article:

If you choose to save a link, make sure you copy the link generated by the permanent link option, NOT the URL at the top of your page. The URL link is not a stable link, so if you try to open the link later, you will get an error message.


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