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ESCI 301 - Environmental Science

A guide for ENSC 301 students researching environmental topics in the library

Information About Websites

When searching for web sites, keep in mind:

  • Who is the author of the website? Is the author credible?
  • What is the author's agenda or bias? Is coverage of the issue balanced? If not, can you find other websites that present the opposing view?
  • Be wary of the site's domain or URL. Professional societies usually have a domain of .org; government sites usually have a domain of .gov.
  • Be careful of hoax sites like Dihydrogen monoxide, Great Lakes Whales, or Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.
  • Why was the article posted on a website instead of published in a professional journal?

Online Field Guides & Encyclopedias

There are many online field guides. Just a couple are listed below.

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