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Research Education at the Mardigian Library

What Are Peer-Reviewed Sources?

Have your professors asked you for scholarly, academic, or scientific sources? Those are all peer-reviewed sources. What does THAT mean? Watch this video to find out.

What Is The Research Process?

Once you've picked a research topic or question for your paper, it isn't set in stone. It's just an idea that you will test through exploratory research. This exploratory research may guide you into modifying your original idea for a research topic. Watch this video for help on navigating your way through the twists and turns of the research process.

How Do I Avoid Plagiarism?

UM-Dearborn Tutorial on Academic Integrity and PlagiarismThis tutorial is intended to teach students about plagiarism and the academic policies of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Successful completion will be certification that students understand the nature of plagiarism and the policies of the University regarding plagiarism.

This video gives tips on avoiding plagiarism

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