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SOC 497: Sociology Senior Research Seminar

Research Guide for SOC 497

Citing Your Sources

Citations provide the information necessary for readers to identify and retrieve each source you use. When you use someone else's words or ideas in your papers, you should create In-text citations (within the paper) and Bibliography citations (at the end of the paper). Each of the sources you cited in your research paper (in-text) should lead to a citation in the Bibliography, and each citation in the Bibliography should come from an In-text citation.

Your bibliography should be organized in alphabetical order by author last name. Follow Dr. Aronson's citation templates when you're putting together your citations:

Journal Article In-Text Citation: (Authorlastname, Authorlastname, & Authorlastname, Year of publication, pg. number) 

Journal Article Bibliography Citation:

Authorlastname, A. A., Authorlastname, B. B., & Authorlastname, C. C. (Year of publication). "Title of article." Name of Journal, Volume number: start page number - end page number. 

Book In-Text Citation: (Authorlastname, Authorlastname, & Authorlastname, Year of publication, pg. number)

Book Bibliography Citation:

Authorlastname, A. A., & Authorlastname, B. B. (Year). Name of book. start page number - end page number.

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