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SOC 497: Senior Research Seminar

Research Guide for SOC 497

Citing Your Sources

When you use someone else's words or ideas in your papers, you should create In-text citations (within the paper) and Bibliography citations (at the end of the paper). Each of the sources you cited in your research paper (in-text) should lead to a citation in the Bibliography, and each citation in the Bibliography should come from an In-text citation.

Your bibliography should be organized in alphabetical order by author last name. Follow Dr. Aronson's citation templates when you're putting together your citations:

Journal Article In-Text Citation: (Authorlastname, Authorlastname, & Authorlastname, Year of publication, pg. number) 

Journal Article Bibliography Citation:

Authorlastname, A. A., Authorlastname, B. B., & Authorlastname, C. C. (Year of publication). "Title of article." Name of Journal, Volume number: start page number - end page number. 

Book In-Text Citation: (Authorlastname, Authorlastname, & Authorlastname, Year of publication, pg. number)

Book Bibliography Citation:

Authorlastname, A. A., & Authorlastname, B. B. (Year). Name of book. start page number - end page number.

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