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ANTH 341: Human Paleontology

Research Guide for ANTH 341

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Finding articles about fossils

1. How do I find a peer-reviewed article about my fossil?

  • Enter your fossil name in the Summon search box and click Go
    • If your fossil name is two words or more, put it quotation marks so that Summon searches for it as a phrase, not as separate words
  • Use the options under the Refine Your Search sidebar in the list of search hits to focus them to peer-reviewed articles
  • Example: Gigantopithecus fossils 
    • Search for gigantopithecus or "gigantopithecus blacki"
    • Under Refine Your Search:
      • click  Peer Review 
      • click Journal Article under Content Type
      • click anthropology and history & archaeology under Discipline
  • Click the Full Text Online link to get a full text copy of the article 

2. I've found a peer-reviewed article. How do I find the specific articles listed in its References section? 

  • Some articles in the References list may have links included that you can use to access them
    • Look for PDF links or links to other databases
  • Summon Search
    • Enter the name of the article in the Summon search box
    • Remove punctuation marks from the search, like the colons between the article title and subtitle
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