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ANTH 341: Human Paleontology

Research Guide for ANTH 341

Putting Together Your Citations

When you use someone else's words or ideas in your papers, you should create In-text citations (within the paper) and References list citations (at the end of the paper). Each In-text citation or footnote should lead to a References list citation, and each References list citation should come from an In-text citation or footnote.

American Anthropological Association (AAA) Citation Format

 Use the American Anthropological Association Style Guide to put together your AAA article citations and References list

American Psychological Association (APA) Citation Format

Use the APA In-Text citation and APA Journal Article References list citation templates by Purdue OWL to put together your APA article citations

Use the APA References list rules and this sample References list by Purdue OWL to put together your References list 

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