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PSYC 363 - Cognitive Psychology

Research Guide for PSYC 363

Writing Your Lab Reports


  • 6-8 pages of written text (does not include title page or references)
  • Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced, 1” margins
  • Use APA 6th ed. for all references, section headings, and other formatting
  • Absolutely no quotations are allowed


  • Title Page
  • Introduction:
    • While the Cengage website for each experiment lists some rudimentary background, this will not be enough to complete your introduction
    • Find additional peer-reviewed articles that discuss the theory underpinning the CogLab hypothesis:
    • Be careful not to plagiarize or quote unnecessarily.
  • Method:
    • Some of this information can be obtained from the website while further details may require you to access the primary source on which the replication was based
    • ONLY methods of the CogLab experiment that you participated in.  Not the methods from the original study being replicated.
  • Results:
    • This section requires you to perform simple statistical analysis comparing your individual data to the global data reported by CogLab  
    • Please ensure you are performing the appropriate analysis, see Dr. Clark Foos for assistance.
    • ONLY results of the CogLab experiment that you participated in.  Not the results from the original study being replicated.
  • Discussion:
    • Evaluate your results and put them in a broader framework of research
    • Do the results support the research hypothesis?
    • Who cares, what does it mean, why should I be excited by these findings? 
    • How do the results affect the theories you discussed in the introduction?  Do they confirm, disagree?
    • What aspects of your experimental environment could have confounded the results? Is there anything you'd do differently the next time you were setting up your experiment?
  • References list in APA format

Grading Rubric

Detailed information about how Dr. Clark Foos will grade your lab reports:

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