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PSYC 363 - Cognitive Psychology

Research Guide for PSYC 363

Advice from Previous PSYC 363 Students for your Literature Reviews & Lab Reports

  • Try to paraphrase as much as possible in order to avoid plagiarism, it’s helpful to read what was done and then look away from the source to put it in your words. The link to the research guide on Dr. Clark-Foo’s website is very helpful. The information is all there, you just need to use it.
  • Start early, do research on your topic before nailing down your topic, and START EARLY!
  • Use the resources provided by Dr. Clark Foos and the librarian and actually USE THEM!
  • Start early. That is probably the best advice. I did not start as early as I would have liked on my second lab report and feel I rushed it pretty badly.  I didn’t get the chance to understand my sources as well as I wanted to. Bottom line, time management!
  • Be descriptive! Provide background research…basically make sure you know know your info and show that you know your info.
  • Start early, pick a topic that’s really interesting to you, and be sure to have Dr. Clark Foos review your rough draft! He will point out the connections you need in order to make your paper better. Again, start early so that you can turn in a rough draft (A GOOD ROUGH DRAFT) and get helpful advice.
  • Start the paper as early as they possibly can and have someone read it for them whether that someone works at the writing center of if that person is a friend who is willing to read it
  • Start early, good research takes a lot of time. Use references from good articles to find more useful topic related information.
  • Read the articles you plan to reference so you better understand your topic.
  • Choose a topic you’re already interested in, it’ll make the research easier and more fun.
  • Start Early! Stick to one topic, find as many useful sources as you can, make sure the sources are relevant and flow in your paper, and cite your sources correctly.
  • Start early enough to change topics if need be! And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
  • Do not wait until the last minute. Start early! Ask Dr. Clark Foos questions. He’s very helpful! Turn in a rough draft! It helps a ton.
  • For the lab report, start early, pick out articles early on, read them over and really understand them. Then start writing.
  • Get started ahead of time!!! Spread out your work: work on different sections on different days. Use the research guide to help you with your paper.
  • For the lab report my advice is to follow the rubric and read the sample lab reports.
  • Finding the articles is the most important part of doing the lab reports. Start early, read the articles completely, and if you can find an original study, even better.
  • Start early, never be afraid to ask questions, and revise, revise, revise.
  • Do many of the labs right away and save your data to Word docs so later you can decide which you remember/interested you the most. Take your lab report to the Writing Center for the extra credit. Ask the prof. to elaborate on the outline for grading. Make sure you don’t use quotes! Spell out don’t to do not, can’t to can not, etc.
  • Start Early!
  • For the lab report I recommend choosing a study/experiments that interested you and you enjoyed completing. Reading about the concept you’re writing about helps to become familiar with it, thus making writing the lab report a lot smoother. Also, be thoughtful in your discussion as it can be very mentally stimulating which will help you enjoy the assignment more and thus get a better grade. Overall, convincing yourself to enjoy something and to become vested in it makes it easier. I like easier in general…just call me Socrates.
  • Do not wait until the last minute. Start early! Ask Dr. Clark Foos questions. He’s very helpful! Turn in a rough draft! It helps a ton.
  • Start early!
  • Pick your topics early and go to the Writing Center.
  • Start early
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