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WGST/PSYC 405/505 / SOC/CRJ 443/543: Gender Roles (Deward)

Research Guide for Gender Roles course

Putting Together Your Social Problem Analysis

For your Social Problem Analysis, you will use sources to build arguments and conclusions about your social problems and interview findings.


1. Introduction: summarizes what you will write and puts it into context

  • Start the introduction with background that contextualizes the paper's main social problem
  • End the introduction with a thesis statement, which outlines the main points of the paper and how you will address them

2. Literature Review: a review of the sources related to your social problem. Your literature review should:

  • Bring together theories and results from a number of studies and data from government websites and reports to provide background on and contextualize your social problem
  • Provide a compelling narrative for why your social problem is important and why your reader should care
  • What type of work is being done to address the social problem? What types of organizations (non-profit, governmental, and/or religious) exist to address the problem? 

3. Conclusion: summarizes what you wrote and what you learned

  • Restate your social problem from the introduction in different words
  • Include reflections on social change efforts. Review the actions being done to create social change, and give your opinion as to if it's working.
  • End with a strong, final statement that ties the whole paper together and makes it clear the paper has come to an end
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