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WGST/PSYC 405/505 / SOC/CRJ 443/543: Gender Roles (Deward)

Research Guide for Gender Roles course

Developing your Outline

Strong outlines focus on addressing the thesis statement, organize sources and evidence into themes and arguments, and then organize themes and arguments to logically build towards conclusions.

Step 1: Identify the information you want to use from your sources

  • What key information, issues, theories, approaches, evidence, and/or arguments will you use in your Social Problem Analysis?

Step 2: Identify relationships, links, and common themes

  • What relationships and links do you see between the information you want to use from each of your sources?
  • What common themes and arguments can you build from the information and evidence in your sources?

Step 3: Arrange themes and arguments

  • How can you arrange your themes and arguments hierarchically and sequentially so that they logically build towards evidence-based conclusions about your research question?
  • These will represent the paragraphs of your Social Problem Analysis
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