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WGST 408/508: Sex, Gender, and the Body in International Development

Research Guide for WGST 408/508

Access Library Resources Online

Trying to access library resources online? Follow the instructions on the Online Access to Library Resources page to access library databases, articles, and ebooks, both on-campus and off-campus.

Search Summon for Articles, Books, and more

Search FAQs

1. How do I search for articles that support my arguments?

  • Identify the keywords of your argument and use those as your search words
  • Each article has tags assigned to it, words or shorts phrases that make them searchable - you want your search words to match those tags
  • Words like factors, effects, issues, relationships, impact are usually not used as tags - don't include them as search words
  • Example topicWhat was the gender impact of the 2008 financial crisis in developing countries?
    • A search about this topic could be: gender* 2008 financial crisis "developing countries"
      • gender* will search for gender and gendered
      • "developing countries" will search for it as a phrase, not two separate words

2. How do I focus the search hits to relevant articles that meet my assignment requirements?

  • Use Refine Your Search in Summon to focus your search hits
  • Peer-reviewed articles:
    • Click on Peer Review 
    • Click on Journal article under Content Type
  • Current/Recent articles:
    • Under Publication Date, move the scroll bar over to 2006 to present
  • To Women's and Gender Studies-related articles
    • Under Discipline, click on women's studies 

3. How do I know my search words match the tags assigned to articles about my research question?

  • As you scroll through the search hits, look at the Subjects (tags) assigned to the relevant articles you find, and see if they match your search words 
  • Subjects (tags) also help you identify the specific populations or issues in your research area

4. If I find an article I really like, how I can I find articles which have subsequently cited it?

  • Click the number in the shaded Web of Science or Scopus boxes below the article summary in the list of search hits for a list of articles which cited that article
  • This is a good way to follow the research trail of your articles.
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