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AAAS 390J Foundations of Black Intellectual History

Fall 2017

Subject Guide for Foundations of Black Intellectual History

This guide will help you locate some of our  library and other resources for  Foundations of Black Intellectual History, AAAS 390J.

If you need additional assistance locating sources, please contact me (see contact box in the left column).

Alexander Crummell Quote

The greatness of peoples springs from their ability to grasp the grand conceptions of being. It is the absorption of a people, of a nation, of a rare, in large majestic and abiding things which lifts them up to the skies. - Alexander Crummell

Alexander Crummell (1819-1898) scholar and Episcopalian minister. Founder of the American Negro Academy (1897), the first major learned society for African Americans. As a religious leader and an intellectual, he cultivated scholarship and leadership among young blacks.  (Tikkanen, Amy. "Alexander Crummell." Britannica Academic, Encyclopedia Britannica, 2007. Alexander Crummell,

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