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CRJ 417/517: Crimmigration

Research Guide for CRJ 417/517

Writing Your Op-Eds

An Op-Ed is a concise opinion piece on a newsworthy topic. For this course your op-eds will focus on two different crimmigration problems of your choice.


  • Everything in your op-ed should clearly and easily connect back to your crimmigration problem.
  • Use strong, lively language (but don't rant)
  • Keep sentences short and simple


Opening/Thesis Statement 

  • Sets the scene and grabs your readers' attention
  • Lays the foundation for your argument
  • Briefly introduce the crimmigration problem you've chosen and why readers should care about it

Scope of the Problem

  • Provide background on your criminal justice problem and put it into context
  • Describe why your criminal justice problem is important and why it is necessary to address it
  • Incorporate criminal justice theories and concepts from your course readings to describe the scope and importance of the problem

Proposed Solution/Policy

  • Provide details about your proposed solution/policy to your crimmigration problem
  • Discuss how your proposed solution/policy would solve your crimmigration problem
  • Incorporate criminal justice theories and concepts from your course readings into your description and analysis of your proposed solution/policy


  • Echoes or answers your Opening/Thesis Statement
  • Briefly summarize your crimmigration problem and your arguments for why its real
  • Briefly summarize your proposed solution/policy and your arguments for why it would help
  • Include a call to action or final epiphany

References list: a list of the sources you cited 

  • Cite your sources in American Sociological Association (ASA) Style
  • Format your References list in ASA Style

Use the Op-Ed Project's Op-Ed Basics page for more help and instructions on putting together your Op-Eds.

For more writing help, contact the Writing Center and make an online appointment to meet with one of their consultants.

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