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FIN 484 Seminar: Financial Management

This guide supports the research requirements of FIN 484 Seminar: Financial Management

Bloomberg: Getting Started

How do I get started researching a company in Bloomberg?

While there are several ways to start your company research in Bloomberg, the example below is a quick and easy approach.

  1. Type the company name in the gold search box that says, “Search Bloomberg”.



  1. Click on the correct company name from the list of matches which brings you to a main screen. Click on Company Description to reach a Profile, Issue Info, Ratios, Revenue, EPS, and Industry Info [or] Click on BI Research Primer to reach an Overview of the Company, Credit, Government, and Industry [or] Click on Company Management to reach Executives, Board. Committees, Changes, Cross Boarding, Summary.



  1. Move to other topics through the “Related Functions Menu” found at the top of the screen.



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