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Biology (general)

A general guide for finding information sources about biology topics through the library and the web.

How do I find e-books?

The Mardigian Library has access to hundreds of thousands of e-books. There are three ways to find e-books: the search tool on the library's home page, the library catalog, and individual databases. Some books can't be found using one or another of these options; if you can't find something with one method, try another.

Search box on the library's home page

You can use the search box on the library's home page to find e-books using a keyword or a title search. However, to narrow your search to just e-books:

  • Type your keyword or book title in the box that says "Search for books, journals, and more..." and click "Search".
  • In the left menu, under the heading REFINE YOUR SEARCH, click on "Full Text Online".
  • In the left menu, under the heading CONTENT TYPE, click on "Book / eBook".

To view a book, click on its title in the main window.

Library catalog

You can search the library catalog for books using a keyword search, a title search, or a subject search (see Find Books). However, to narrow your search to just e-books:

  • Click on the "Modify Search" button (at the top or bottom of the search results page)
  • Click on "ebook" in the Material Type box and click "Submit"

To view an e-book, click on "Access web version."

Individual databases

Many of the library's research databases include access to e-books. Some e-books can only be found if you search specific research databases; sometimes some e-books don't show up when you use the search box or the library catalog. Research databases with e-books of particular interest for biological sciences are:

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