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Biology (general)

A general guide for finding information sources about biology topics through the library and the web.

Searching for articles from a list of journals

Sometimes, your professor will give you a list of journals that they want you to use to find articles. If the professor does not provide a link to the journal, here is how you find an article. There are three ways to do this. Let's use Marine Genomics as an example.

Example using Browzine:

  • Go to the library's home page.
  • Click on "Journals".
  • Type "Marine Genomics" in the text box under Search Journals.
  • Note: Using this method, you will have to browse the articles in each issue to find an article of interest.

Example using Find a journal:

  • Go to the library's home page.
  • Click on "Journals".
  • Click on "M" to the right of "Browse by Title"
  • Type or paste "Marine Genomics" in the text box and click "Search".
  • Click on the link to a database that has the years that you are interested in.
  • Note: using this method, you will be able to search most journals for keywords, phrases, or topics.

If you happen to know the publisher of the journal, you can go to the database of the publisher. For example, Marine Genomics is published by Elsevier, so you would search the ScienceDirect database. Example using a specific database:

  • Go to the library's home page.
  • Click on "Databases".
  • Click on "S".
  • Scroll down to ScienceDirect and click on it.
  • Type your search term in the "Keywords" box and click on the magnifying glass.
  • Check the boxes for the journals that you can use.
  • Repeat for other databases that have journals that are on your list.


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