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CIS/CE: Computer Information Science and Computer Engineering Resources

Fun Things in CE/CIS from the Internet

Using Web Resources

These are some outside sources that I feel you may find valuable. Since these sites are not owned or controlled by the Mardigian Library, we can not be responsible for their content but please let me know if you think something in this list needs to be reviewed, as their content may have changed since I vetted them.

Make sure you always evaluate your sources of information to determine how reliable it is before using it in your research. One mnemonic trick used to remember the key concepts of evaluation is: "Is this source C.R.A.A.P. ?" 

Evaluate the source to determine its:
Currency - When was it written? Does the age of the information make a difference in how accurate it is?
Relevance - Does the source really address your key question? Does it go deep enough to be of any use to you?
Authority - Who is the author? Do they have a background or education in the topic? Where is it published? Is the site reputable?
Accuracy -  Does it cite its sources? Is it well written? Does the author make basic factual, or spelling and grammar mistakes that a professional editor should have caught?
Purpose - Can you detect a bias in the writing? What is that bias?

How-to Sites

Research Institutes

NRC Information and Communication Technologies
The National Research Center of Canada Information and Communication Technologies group develops tools and techniques to assist Canadian software companies. This site contains research abstracts of the group and has links to other resources.

Fraunhofer Institute's Strategic Research Fields

  • Bioeconomy
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Next Generation Computing
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Resource Efficiency and Climate Technologies
  • Hydrogen Technologies

Industry News

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