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This guide is intended to help connect you with Mardigian Library's Career Related Resources

What kind of information should you look for?

What kinds of information should you look for?

Established - when, where, by whom Customers/Target audience Current performance and future plans for growth
Type of company: public or private Industry placement Company culture
Services or products offered SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Hiring practices (contract vs regular employee status)


What kind of information is available?

It is important to establish realistic research goals since company information varies in quantity depending on factors such as the type of company. So, you will be able to locate more information on a large, public, Fortune 500 company than a small, private, local business. 

Entity Type:

  • Public companies: SEC financial filings, numerous press releases, earnings calls, media events, conference presentations, mentioned in national press (Wall Street Journal, USA, Time, Fortune)

  • Private companies: No SEC filings,  few press releases or public events, mentions in regional press (Crain’s Detroit Business, Detroit newspapers, etc.) more likely than national press.

  • Subsidiaries: Subsidiaries usually do not report financial and operation details but defer to the parent company reports.


  • US companies: Must comply with local and federal requirements for disclosures. Information may be more readily available and accessible through library databases and English-language resources. 

  • International companies: Must comply with their own local and federal requirements, which vary significantly from country to country. Depending on their country of origin, regulations, business transparency practices, and language will impact the amount of information available.

Confidential Information:

Although businesses, particularly publicly traded businesses, are required to disclose certain information, proprietary information is not publicly shared. Examples of information considered proprietary includes, company clients, competitors, suppliers, and costs.

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